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Veltek Associates, Inc. designs innovative solutions to address the control of particulate and microbial contamination in pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations worldwide. VAI strives to develop meaningful technical relationships with our clients to assure that VAI products meet, if not exceed, their unique requirements.

The products from VAI's four divisions build upon each other, making the company a full-circle, single-source supplier able to address any pharmaceutical or biotechnology contamination control requirement.

VAI has been an industry leader since 1981 and own over 20 USA and foreign patents. We are committed to continual innovation and improvement in our products to satisfy current and future regulatory requirements. Our corporate capabilities and pharmaceutical experience provide the framework for continuing VAI leadership in contamination control.

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  • Visit Veltek at the PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference September 8-10 The PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference offers the unique opportunity for you to join FDA representatives and industry experts in face-to-face dialogues. Each year, FDA speakers provide updates on the current state of efforts impacting the development of global regulatory strategies; while industry professionals from some of today's leading pharmaceutical companies present case studies on how they employ global strategies in their daily processes.Hear directly from FDA experts and representatives of global regulatory authorities, and take home best practices for compliance.At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:Understand theindustry measures and regulatory ...
  • Visit Veltek at the PDA Aseptic Sterilization Conference June 17-18 The Aseptic-Sterilization Conference will bring together all levels of industry professionals and regulators to network and benefit from a program that will explore new and improved best practices and strategies for sterile product manufacturing technologies. This two-day conference will provide participants with a comprehensive review of contemporary practices for the conduct of terminal sterilization and aseptic processing with special emphasis on state of the art approaches, sterilization-related quality metrics, risk assessment/mitigation, and novel sterilization methodologies.  The complete program agenda will include presentations from regulatory and industry representatives from ...
  • Visit Veltek at the CALAS Symposium June 14-17 The CALAS/ACSAL Symposium is an annual event which brings together members and vendors for 4 days of education and networking. Members have an opportunity to present their work, share best practices and to learn from experts in the field.Symposium is held in the spring in various destinations across Canada. A local host committee selects a theme and works hard to ensure the best of research is showcased from their region.The 53rd Annual CALAS Symposium will be held at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel in Canada's Capital city of Ottawa, ON taking place from June 14-17th, 2014.  
  • Visit Veltek at The ALN TurnKey Conference May 13-14, 2014 Come visit Veltek at The 2014 TurnKey Conference May 13-14, 2014 in Baltimore, MD. This event focuses on building, renovating, and operating a laboratory animal facility. It is designed to provide useful information on how to update or design laboratories to be more efficient. This program also includes in-depth sessions, workshops, and programs that target a variety of professional needs. This conference will focus on:What's happening in the marketplace Introducing innovative ideas and solutionsSharing of industry practicesEducational sessionsProduct demonstrations
  • VAI Introduces the SMA OneTouch ICS The SMA OneTouch ICS is VAI's new, innovative viable monitoring system.  It is a computerized, automated viable air monitoring system that controls calibrated, precise air sampling through individual or multiple SMA Atriums.  The SMA OneTouch ICS has a touchscreen interface that incorporates facility floor plans and SMA Atrium locations for sample monitoring.  The SMA OneTouch ICS strictly regulates the air flow rate throughout a sample cycle.  The system automatically alarms the operator visually and audibly of the sample becomes compromised or is aborted.  In addition, the SMA OneTouch ICS's continuously monitors the air flow rate while sampling and will alert the operator of the ...
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